Nov. 25th, 2008

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Wow.. it's been a long time since i've posted anything substantive.
September was a blur due to work of start up in the school system. I was covering off on my own normal territory, plus covering the work of another teammate off due to surgery, and helped out at a couple of other schools as well. Things are settling down nicely though, so i've managed to get involved in the program to map the schools for wireless rollouts. This has been keeping me busy which is nice, since this time of year, things really slow down, as all the initial problems are taken care of.

The end of september saw me at Phantasm again this year, running the larp, and enjoying the rest of the weekend as a player. I got to try 2 new games this year - DnD 4E, which i didn't mind, but it's not quite the same game as the previous editions, and will make a good port to computers when they get to that point. I also got to try Arkham Horror, a board game based on the Call of Cthulhu RPG. I really enjoyed it, and even with most of us playing being first time players, we ended up facing Cthulhu, and won before his Tentacled Horror could be unleashed upon the world. The larp was pretty good with some new players coming out, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It's shame a couple of the people i had plots set up for decided to flake out, but it happens.

October was pretty quiet from what i remember, or at least nothing really sticks out. Samhain was pretty good, and came the weekend before my birthday, where i got my birthday trifle. mmm trifle. My birthday this year was pretty good, enjoyable dinner with my parents (bbq'd steak, ceaser salad, cake!)I got a new video card from my mom, (GTS 8800), some new Ram (4GB), a hoodie from my mother in law, a gift card for chapters from heather's dad, a cool set of coasters with a shitty NFL team on them (thanks [ profile] shlemkevich) Some Nuke War cards, and Zombie Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx, and a copy of Arkham Horror for my very own (thanks [ profile] acornya, [ profile] jlindsay).

Other than that, the rest of november has been proceeding apace, working, covering off our union negotiators work while they work on the contract. More to follow in a flocked post.

Now starts the planning for christmas season. 2 full weeks off this year and only a few things to go to. ( we're looking at something like 7 different things to go to this year.)
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As mentioned in my previous post, I got a gift card from chapters, so i'm looking for recommendations for books to get with it.


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