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Jun. 23rd, 2009 11:55 am
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Memage given by the 'Laird of the Mousehole [livejournal.com profile] pyat

Peterborough - A place i called home for seven years after being rusticated from college. I had a number of friends at both Trent and Fleming and enrolled into Fleming after my dislike of the amount of math in my computer studies. A lot of gaming happened there, as well as being sucked into Larping.

Morgandria - is of course the name my wife goes by on the internet.

LARP - Live action role-play. I'd just moved into peterborough when my friend Bing invited me out to try out this Vampire game, and it involved, actually acting out what your character did, within reason..... a full 11 years later, i'm still dabbling in it, having played in a number of different games, driven across the province to play in different games, and having run a game for some time. I'm still dabbling, running a game at the Phantasm Convention every year for the past 5....

Pagan - The belief system that my wife holds, or as taken in a more traditional manner, anything that isn't christian. I am nominally pagan, in that i'm not really a person who gets involved in organized religion, and nominally agnostic as i'm not sure there's a higher power.

Scouting - The organization started by Baden-Powell as an method of training young boys into becoming men. I was involved as a youth, as most of my family have been involved in various positions as leaders etc. I got reinvolved in high school as a Rover, which is the program section for youth age 18-26, and as a leader for a number of years. The increasing 'urbanization' of the program, and a number of other changes to the program, lead to my disillusionment with the organization, and i stopped being a leader when i moved to peterborough.


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