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hmm.. perhaps posting more than once a month would be a good idea.

Things after that last post went downhill. I helped my parents winterize the van, and ended up pulling a muscle in my back, that very quickly got worse. I ended up getting an emergency appointment with my doctor. He gave me a scrip for T3's (with codeine) and physio. 5 Physio appointments later i am walking almost without a limp, and can drive like normal. Hopefully soon the muscles in my legs will cease and desist with the pain overnight.

Report card time turned out to be hella painful. Too many times humans when considered in groups, like (gun-owners) or (other drivers) or (elementary school teachers) can really be copnsidered 'stupid' and overreactional and superstitious. Much more likely to listen to rumour and innuendo than good solid information. Despite being told that nothing had really changed in the report card program. 2/3rds of the teachers in the board apparently were looking for any and all reasons to get extensions writing report cards - because of the problems in the new system. *sigh* Today was the day the report cards went out for 90% of the schools of the board. On time with only minimal problems. Mostly resulting from teachers not following instructions. Oh well. it's done.

This just leaves us less than a month to get out and do what we're supposed to be doing -bring technology into the classroom. except now comes the buildup before christmas.
Oh well. January and February should be good, except we hear that restructring is coming down the pipe.

Still contemplating a massive cram sessionand writing my MCP on the server track. There is another Network Tech position available, that closes on the 6th of December. Pays a bit more. work during the summer. I'm being told i should apply anyway, as there is the chance that the union will step in and get me some time to get my MCP as it has been done in the past for some techs.

Otyher than that, things have been quiet. replaced the window in the car. Still need to hook it up to the computer and discover why my service engine light is coming on.

Looking forward to my time off at christmas, and for the people to be visiting us. I'm off from the 22nd to the 7th of January, so a full 2 weeks of vacation time. Should be good.

Time to dslodge leanan from my lap and dine on dinner. He's become the cutest little lap whore now that the girls are gone, and we've settled into the new place. Zathras is still Zathras, but he's taken to sleeping curled up beside me or on me when ever he can. His way of showing affection, or being in biting range of my nose.

Feeling fairly geeky lately. Read through a long thread describing a high level 3e DnD campaign. Was pretty neat.

Here's a joke people who shared our gaming table will enjoy.


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