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talk about a long dry time of not posting.

Not much has changed since then, except that school is out, and i'm pretty much finished getting my schools set up for the fall. Not sure what that's going to leave me with for the rest of the summer, but i'm sure work can be created.

The summer is finally settling down in regards to the car at least. Had to get the brakes, cylinders and calipers redone last week, as the brake pads the school used were the crappiest crap that ever crapped crap. or just cheap brakes that can't withstand the heat. The car still needs to get looked at, as it's idling very high, and seems to putting out a lot of heat and burning through gas, but that'll have to wait a little bit.

Let's see. I've had fridays off since the start of july, been doing some side trips or relaxing mostly. [ profile] morgandria's was up last weekend for a visit, which was quite nice, a trip to the Scottish Festival in Orillia for the parade and massed bands, some browsing, showing off the dowtown, then down to Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto for the Metis art festival, as some of [ profile] morgandria's relatives were playing in the festival. To top the day off, we headed to the asia-pacific mall for some browsing, a fairly so so dinner, and some groceries.

Just getting ready for the Bancroft Gemboree this weekend, as well as a trip to peterborough for the weekend.

Some Geek thoughts to follow this post.


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