Sep. 7th, 2008

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A Night to Celebrate

Oy-yea, Oy-yea! Kindred of North America are invited to a release party in the city of Chicago. The Prince of the Domain of Chicago, Roland De Frieze, is proud to release his childe to the kindred world. This party will take place in Chicago on the evening of September 27th 2008 A.D.

An evening of entertainment and excitement has been planned for this occasion, with a spectacle planned that has rarely been seen in the Kindred world.
RSVP’s may be directed to the Seneschals of the City, through Toreador and Nosferatu channels.
Many notables in the Toreador guilds will be attending, as will representatives of the Justicars and Queen Anne’s court.
Rumour has it, that this night also coincides with the Prince’s Embrace night festivities.

A Night to Celebrate is a Vampire LARP 3rd Edition game to be held at Phantasm Con in Peterborough on September 27th and 28th.Registration starts at 7pm, Game will start at 8pm.
The location will be the Peterborough Public Library

Game will cost $5 for the session, or play the whole weekend at Phantasm for $25.

As with last year, the convention will provide prizes for the session.

A Vampire: The Masquerade 3rd Edition Laws of the Night game. Please pre-register
by submitting a character request to Congame Email The character request should include clan, sect and any unique ideas you have for the character. There are no assurances that you will get what you request based on story requirements, but attempts will be made to fulfill your request.
Any questions can be sent to the same address.


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